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Nail Art Top Picks

These were all made by my cosmetology students. Again, I’m very proud with their creations although the photos don’t give justice on how great they look like in person.

Very good for first time, right? 

They admittedly said that this was their first time doing nail arts ‘coz they thought these were only for teenagers. But hey, women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are not that old. 

Or at least they don’t look that old for having nail arts. Aging is only a state of mind. Lalalalala. 














Tumblr, why do the photos I post here look like ???

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Thanks Ms. Laureen


Received this lovely package just right after “Habagat” crossed our country (Philippines).

My prize from one of Ms. Laureen Uy’s giveaways - 

Jewels and Charms X BMS Giveaway


Jewels and Charms is an online shop that offers clothes, shoes, accessories and bags.

Here are few of my favorites from this shop:


                                 Studded Corset, Php 720

                                                      Wedge, Php 1,300

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Pop of Green + DIY Ombre Hair





                                        Yellow Green Top - Thrifted

                                            Black Blazer - Thrifted

                             Neon Green Sling Bag/Clutch - Local Store

This was my outfit today for my master’s degree class ‘coz I thought I’m gonna proceed with my report/presentation for the class and dress up to kinda look professional.

Does I look like one? 

But since our professor told us to resume it next week, I got a sigh of relief because I’m not yet really prepared for it. 




Presenting, my DIY Ombre Hair. I did it last night and I’m glad with the final result. My mom loves my new hairstyle and now planning/thinking to also have an ombre.

Yes, joyful are those who live like this! Joyful indeed are those whose God is the LORD!

Psalm 144:15

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