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Mode Gyaru vs. Mori Girl

What is Mode? Let’s start with a definition, although I argue about makes quite a bit. I think they did a good definition so I’m using their definition from here :

mohdo (mode)モード - The Japanese term for “high fashion” — with the emphasis on challenging designer brands and not casual wear or traditional. From the French “mode.”

I’ll add to that and say Mode Gyaru focuses on sleek lines, interesting cuts, bold patterns, conforming to or changing the body shape to make dramatic silhouettes.

                                                  Mode Gyaru



                          Ena Matsumoto:



Mori Girl (森ガール) is an on-line rising fashion trend. It’s general essence is how a girl living in the forest would look. So there’s an emphasis on ethnic, homespun, loose, casual. Mori Girl according to wikipedia started with the 2006 mixi page and slowing gaining popularity in 2008. The magazine Spoon even put out a lookbook all about Mori Girl. The Mori Girl look started to be worn around places such as Koenji and Daikanyama in 2008 and now is becoming a Harajuku look as well.

Mori also means forest so mori gyaru are also tagged as girls of the forest.

                                                   Mori Girl




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More about this here:

On my own thought/opinion: Mode Gyaru fashion is far more relaxed than Mori Girl. Evidently, the latter exudes massive layering on which I think is not appropriate in our weather here in the Philippines. Please don’t get me wrong, I also love mori BUT… mode gyaru fashion is more wearable for me. As for the make up, I also go for mode because it looks more professional (since I’m a Cosmetology Trainer, I need to look professional too :) while mori represent naturalism-less make up or sometimes no make up at all.

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