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It’s All Worth It


Earning a college degree doesn’t mean you have to stop from gaining knowledge and explore other fields.. ^.^

I didn’t even thought before that I would be a trainer for Hair Care and Beauty Care under TESDA because my college degree is  Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

I also now have NC II for Beauty Care and Hair Dressing, NC II for Massage Therapy and currently I’m training for NC I and NC II on Housekeeping.

No, I’m not boasting off the recent trainings I’ve attended and accomplished.. :) I’m encouraging those other degree and non-degree holders that there’s no such thing as too late for education.

Aral lang ng aral, you might not know na in the future you’ll use your learning for something else. It might be for work or for sharing of knowledge.



                   Mam Juliet , Mam Thelma and Mam Adeth

                My co-trainers for Hair Care and Beauty Care 

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